Saturday, 6 October 2012

September in My World -- Freebie Alert!!

September was insane and I'm afraid I over extended myself just a little!  Not only was it a crazy month at work, but I was also guesting on the Scrap Takout CT and helping a few designers turn their PNG file templates into .PAGE files.  I'm glad things are starting to settle into a routine!

In exciting news I was invited to join Fran B Design's CT and I have had a blast so far!!  I was having some problems with one of her kits, where I just couldn't find a picture to go with it, so instead I made some wordart and Fran said I can give it to you as a Freebie!  Check out the bottom of this post for the link!

Without further adieu here are some of the things I have been working on this past month:

Kit -- Dipsy Doodle by Dancing Princess Designs
Template -- Something Sweet by Rainy Day Designs
Font -- Grenouille
Kit -- Cute Spooks by Fran B Designs
Template -- Something Sweet by Rainy Day Designs
Font -- Grandpa's Farm
Kit -- Head of the Class by Scrap Take Out
School Days Border Template -- Precepts and Promises
Font -- Action Man
Kit-- Spaced by Fran B Designs
Template -- Template Pack 10 by Precepts and Promises   
Font -- Star Jedi & Eurofrance
Kit -- aTween by Jen Yurko  
Template -- Colour Me Pretty Set 3 by Dagi's Tempatations
Fonts -- SBC Love Mom & Cheri 

Kit -- I Am Me by Fran B Designs  
Template -- This & That v2 by Fran B Designs
Font -- Grenouille
Kit -- Puddle Jumpers by Cornelia Designs
Border -- Bordering on Awesome by Joyful Heart Designs  
Font -- Holiday Leftovers, Font on a Grain & Hiccups
Kit -- Spacey by Fran B Designs 
Alphas -- Alpha Mania by Fran B Designs
Template -- To The Point Templates by Fran B Designs 
Font -- Champagne & Limousines
Kit -- Crisp Days by Fran B Designs and Dandilion Dust Designs
Template -- Template Pack 1 by Precepts and Promises
Font -- Kraash Black
Kit -- Moody Boys by Jenn Yurko
Template -- Something Sweet by Rainy Day Designs
Font -- College Scribble and Idolwild
Kit -- Like a Love Song by Cornelia Designs with Frame Me 1 by Cornelia Designs
Template -- Summer Ain't Over by Rainy Day Designs 
Kit -- Roy G Biv by Digi Deborah
Template -- Color me Pretty Templates Set 2 by Dagi's Temp-tations
Font -- Jump Start and SBC Love Mom

Phew!  That was a lot!  No wonder I am so tired!

So now that you've looked at all my beautiful work, a present for you!  These were created to match with Fran B Design's Sunset kit.  Click on the image to download the files!!

Enjoy the word art!  See you soon!

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