Monday, 3 September 2012

September is here!!

September has arrived!  This means my life is about to get a little crazy.  Tomorrow Liam starts grade 1, Becky starts going to daycare by herself, and I start working full time again!  I'm excited, but nervous too. 

I'm hoping I still have lots of time for my scrapping....but if I dissapear again that would be why!!

In the mean time I'm doing all sorts of exciting things in the Digi Scrap world as well.  First I've been helping Barbara of Precepts and Promises convert all of her templates into ".page" format for use in the Creative Memories program.  It took me a little bit to learn, but I've got into a rhythm yet and I'm having a blast.  She has such beautiful templates, so nice and clean with lots of room for journalling.  So far just one of the kits has been uploaded with the .page files and it is available to Diner's Club Members at STO only, but keep your eyes open for more including this awesome set:

Digi-Deborah is still producing some amazing things as well.  She's got a fantastic kit right now called Roy G Biv, but it's only available through the STO Diner's Club so hurry over and check out that good deal!

Finally the exciting news from STO!  There is a big event this week at STO to celebrate Back to School time!  Check it out!

Have a wonderful September!

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