Friday, 23 March 2012

With Love Studio Speed Scrap

I did a Speed Scrap at With Love Studio tonight.  I usually do Connie Prince's Speed Scrap at Gotta Pixel on Friday nights, but it was cancelled tonight.  Then earlier today one of my favourite designers (Ivory Keys Digital Dreams) posted on FaceBook that she was hosting at WLS tonight, so I thought I would check it out. 

Here is the finished product, what do you think?

A Little Mud
Kit -- Muddy Girlies by Ivory Keys Digital Dreams and Scraps of Ellay
WordArt -- Word Art World
Font -- Problem Secretary and Disgusting Behaviour

Ironing out the Kinks

I am still getting used to everything in the blog editor so you may notice little changes here and there.  The big one was that I created my own header and background!  I had used Kristin Aagard and Kristin Rice's collab Love Lives Here blogware which came with the kit I downloaded, but I really wanted to do something more personal.  Therefore I used that same kit to make my own 'blogware'.  I love the collaborations that these lovely ladies come up with and I am glad I found them in my wanderings.

Other than that I am trying to decide what 'gadgets' I should have on the side bar.  There seems to be so many!  Am I missing one you think I should have?  Please let me know!!


Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Cafeteria will soon be Open!!

Great News!!  Funky Playground is having a fantastic sale starting tomorrow.  Check it out (photo is linked) and be sure to look for Digi Deborah's 1$ submissions!!

A Starting Place

I have decided to bite the bullet and start a blog.  As my favourite forums close at the end of this month I have been reminded of how fluid the internet can be.  Now that I have found a passion for digital scrapbooking and am on several CTs I need a single place where I can put all of my LayOuts.  

Therefore I am starting this blog.  That way I can have a more permanent gallery here and can give even more description of the story behind the photos.  I can also discuss my favourite designers and the wonderful products they have created!!

So lets cut the ribbon and get this party started (and all other horrible opening cliches you can think of)