Personal Gallery -- Spring 2012

Becky's First Visit to the Pirate Park
Kit -- Parks and Recreation by Kristin Aagard
Font -- Yikes and Dark Crystal

Becky loved being at the pirate park!  It was a gorgeous day too....even though it was APRIL!

Building Fun
Kit -- Little Builder by Kristin Aagard
Font -- Action Man

Darcie and I took these pictures to do some things for her website which was still "Under Construction".  Liam was such a great model I just had to use the pictures with this great kit!

Cousins are Friends Forever
Kit -- Acid Berry Pop by Crystal Creations
Word Bits -- Kristin Aagard (Parks & Recreation) and Aida Scrap (Soft Harmony)
Word Art -- Val C Designs (Rainbow)

Cousin Halloween cameto visit in May for my birthday and we had so much fun!  I did this page for a speed scrap at Scrappity Doo Dah and got a Layout of the Day award for it!  I'm so excited!  I've never gotten an award from that site before!

Jousting Anyone?
Kit -- Oh The Places by Connie Prince
Tag -- Hugs all Around by Simple Girl Scraps
Hearts -- Bear Hugs by Kristin Aagard
Splatter -- Sunshine through the Rain by KsQuared
Font -- Cheri and Yikes! 

My little lady is so nuch fun!  This is another Speed Scrap page, this time from Gotta Pixel where you can find me almost every Friday night hanging out with Ms Connie Prince, one of my favourite designers.  

Head, Shoulders....and Toes
Kit -- Oh the Places by Connie Prince
Line of Circles -- Game On by Connie Prince
Heart -- Bear Hugs by Kirstin Aagard
Stitching -- Just Because by Cinnamon Scraps

This series of pictures made me laugh because although she knows where the rest are...she hasn't figured out the knees yet...and when she walks she doesn't bend them either so clearly she just doesn't know what they are for!  We're working on it though!

Miss Independent
Kit -- Little Miss Can't Be Wrong by Connie Prince and Armina
Word Art -- Word Art World
Font -- ElliotSix

Yup, that's my kid!  To a tee....Why do what someone else wants you to do when you can do it yourself!!  Her favourite word is Mine and although she doesn't actually say "I Do It" you can totally tell that is what she means!!

Splash'n Boots!
Kit -- Oh The Places by Connie Prince
Font -- Hiccups

Splash'n Boots is our favourite kids band!  They made it to Kingston for a show and we had to be there.  Becky thought it was pretty cool, but Liam was in heaven.  Siarra showed up for the fun too and we had a blast.  Mommy had a great time too since both kids fell asleep in the car and went right to bed when we got 6pm!!!

Look Who's Walking
Kit -- SassyTude by Crystals Creations
Fonts -- Problem Secretary, Bring tha' Noise and Komina Axis

First Steps!  I didn't think it would ever happen, so the night it did I made this page.  We were playing at Grandfather's house and she decided to "take the plunge" between Grandfather and Daddy.  She was so excited that we were all clapping and yelling that she continued to do it for over half an hour!  Of course there was lots of falling too....but that was so much fun we didn't see any tears!

One Foot in Front of the Other
Papers -- Giggles by Aprilisa
Ribbon -- Best Family Friends by Nettes Nightowl Works
Sneakers -- A New You by JuliEnriquez Designs
Tag -- Merry Go Round by Robyn Pali and My 4 Princesses
Fonts -- Milk and Cereal, Almost and You All Everybody 

First steps deserve more than one quick page, so I did this one as well.  The title is a reference to one of my favourite songs which is actually from the movie Santa Claus is Coming to Town.  Liam and I sing it when he gets tired walking and he sang it to Becky a few times this day too so it made a good backdrop and title for our page.

My Brother My Friend
Kit -- Delicate Gracefullness by scrapN2Nspire 
Stitches -- Memory Keeper by Lindsay Jane Designs
Staple -- I`m All Boy by Jen C Design
Font -- Milk & Cereal, Capture It 2, Elliot Six

I picked the kit Delicate Gracefullness because it made me giggle....this walking was definitely not delicate or graceful!  It was awefully sweet though!!!  What a fantastic memory!

A Little Mud
Kit -- Muddy Girlies by Ivory Keys Digital Dreams and Scraps of Ellay
WordArt -- Word Art World
Font -- Problem Secretary and Disgusting Behaviour

Monkey See, Monkey Do
Kit -- Monkey by Kristin Aagard
Font -- Note This

I did this LO for the Sketch Challenge over at Scrapbook-Bytes.  I like the Sketch Challenge as it gives a pretty precise idea of where to put pictures and papers.  Plus I love having lots of papers on my page so this worked well for that!  I also love this kit.  Look at that Monkey!  Plus the colours match great with the pictures and the dress Becky is wearing.

How to give Mom a Heart Attack in Four Easy Steps
Kit -- Life Isn't Always Beautiful by Connie Prince
Alpha (Numbers) -- HunnyBee Design February Face Book Train
Font -- Hiccups

On a Sunny Day
Kit -- On A Sunny Day by Kristin Aargard
Template -- For The Love of Layers 26 (Template 1) by Connie Prince
Tag -- Hugs All Around Tags by Simple Girl Scraps
Font -- Pea Ramona

I took these photos on one of the first nice days outside (in MARCH!).  We had just opened these sunglasses, a good ole dollar store purchase, and she hadn't warn any sunglasses since last summer!

Magic Moments
Kit -- Lucky by Robyn Pali Designs
Font -- Snickles

I did this for a speed scrap at Gotta Pixel (every Friday night at 8pm EST) and it turned out really well!  That's the funny thing about Speed Scraps...they can turn out really well....or not!!

Kisses for Daddy
Kit -- Be My Honey by Digi Deborah Designs
Font -- Glider Girls and Monotype Corsiva


This is one page that just begged to be made!!

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